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Career Control takes control of their marketing information

If there is anything to learn from this blog, it would be: don't take 'no' for an answer. Complexities don't equate to impossibilities, and so far, impossible is nothing. Career Control persevered and ended up in a better place. Read their story below!

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Integrations 101: RESTful API

Expanding on one of our previous blogs regarding the 101 on APIs, we continue exploring and providing relevant low-tech explanations of relevant integration concepts. This week, we want to dissect the concept of a RESTful API.

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Why bespoke is better than standardised

This is a client story illustrating bespoke integrations: The thing is, in our work and in the tech (start-up) sector, we come across many advocates and companies that see standardisation as the holy grail for everything. One of the reasons is that standardisation makes everything faster, which in turn assists to keep up with the current world, which appears to spin faster each time. But...

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#Goals: Our big dreams for 2023

As many other people and organisations have done over the last few weeks, we have introspected and defined what we would like our 2023 to look like, Harmonizer-wise. We will tell you our plans, will you tell us yours?

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Ready…. set… integrate!

As we continue our knowledge sharing journey, this blog is about how to prepare for success where it comes to integrations. We assisted a fair few clients in recent months that learned the hard way that preparation is key to achieve success with integrations. This blog should assist you to consider the important steps in terms of integration planning, so that the integration drives value and operates without issues from day 1 after go-live!

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Starting with the basics: What is an API?

Integrations 101: With this new educational blog series, we aim to shed light on the fundamental concepts underlying integration technology. So that we may play a part in elevating discussions about integrations and increasing the quality of understanding of how integrations work. After thinking about where to start, we concluded there was only one logical place: the API.

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How you can do better than us in the ISO 27K audit :D

A while ago, we decided to embark on our journey towards ISO 27001 certification. Because information security matters to all of us, and you are never done with cyber security, we decided to share some considerations of why we undertook the ISO 27001 certification process, as well as our five lessons learned in the process. So you can do better than us in your first audit!

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Migrating your intranet at scale: 5 key insights you need to know

Have you ever migrated to a new application without actually knowing it? You logging in one day and all the information was there as you left it the previous day, everything seemed familiar, but when diving deeper you realise you are on a new application with a big upgrade in functionality. This was "the dream" for the Dutch Department of Home Affairs (Ministerie van Binnenlandse Zaken), for the migration to their new Social Intranet platform. Below, we share their story and also 5 key insights we gained, working on large migration projects.

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Integration issue #5 - vendor lock-in: tips to unlock your full integrations potential!

The fifth integration issue we share our thoughts and learnings about, is vendor lock-in. Staying with a vendor can be the best thing to do, refer to our previous blog about Exonet. However this doesn't always apply, especially if the sole reason for staying or even procuring more software from that vendor is for 'better integrations'. Meanwhile, ending up with a product that doesn't meet requirements. Keep reading for how to avoid this scenario.

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Our Excellent partnership with Exonet!

We wanted to take some time this week to put the spotlight on one of our long-standing business partners and vendors, Exonet . Exonet and Harmonizer go together like coffee & cream, or like copy & paste :). They provide us with a stable infrastructure, and make sure we never have to worry about getting the best fit for purpose cloud hosting services so we can in turn focus on providing a worry free integration service to all of our clients and downstream partners. A worry-free ‘match made in heaven’.

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