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Integration issue #5 - vendor lock-in: Tips to unlock your full integrations potential!

The fifth integration issue we share our thoughts and learnings about, is vendor lock-in. Staying with a vendor can be the best thing to do, refer to our previous blog about Exonet. However this doesn't always apply, especially if the sole reason for staying or even procuring more software from that vendor is for 'better integrations'. Meanwhile, ending up with a product that doesn't meet requirements. Keep reading for how to avoid this scenario.

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Our Excellent partnership with Exonet!

We wanted to take some time this week to put the spotlight on one of our long-standing business partners and vendors, Exonet . Exonet and Harmonizer go together like coffee & cream, or like copy & paste :). They provide us with a stable infrastructure, and make sure we never have to worry about getting the best fit for purpose cloud hosting services so we can in turn focus on providing a worry free integration service to all of our clients and downstream partners. A worry-free ‘match made in heaven’.

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TalentLead <> Emply <> Harmonizer: Tie all your HR Processes together

Helping each other in building a more connected Recruitment and HR world, is what the partnership between TalentLead and Harmonizer is built on. That, and our shared values. Our commitment to an outstanding and high-end client experience is a shared objective. In this blog, we dig a little deeper and reflect on why our partnership works so well and what value it drives to create a connected environment for our mutual clients.

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Are we master of our own destiny?

Are autonomous systems the source of nightmares, or dreams? Where does this trend stand at the moment, and what does this mean for integrations between autonomous systems? Or maybe autonomous integrations could be a thing of the future? Keep reading for more.

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A valuable case study: Stichting 113

In this blog, we share a short story around value creation, and how what is considered valuable is very different from business to business.

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API integration issues #4: custom fields

Integration challenges hold businesses back, with data silos remaining a challenge for 90% of organisations. In this next instalment of our blog series about common integration issues, we shed light on custom fields, some of the common pitfalls associated with these and how to create a very smooth integration and automation experience with custom fields.

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Pandemic languishing or flourishing?

The pandemic has been (dare we speak in past tense?) many things, to many people. It gave many people some downtime, balance and flexibility, while others were less happy living through it. We explore how integrations can make a true difference in this new hybrid world we live in, by fostering connections between systems, and people.

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Trendwatching: Hyperautomation lifts our thinking to the next level

It’s time for another trendwatcher blog, it’s been a while. Since Harmonizer provides data aspects of automation, any related topic peaks our interest. Recently, we heard from one of our customers, about the trend of hyperautomation, and luxury modern communism. We wanted to explore this topic further, and understand what it might mean for technology developments more broadly and integrations specifically.

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Is Harmonizer a one-trick pony?

In this blog we reflect on an important and complex application migration project that we partnered on with Dienst Justitiële Inrichtingen (the Dutch Custodial Institutions Agency, DJI). How do data migrations work in Harmonizer, and why did DJI opt to partner with Harmonizer for this project?

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A blog about hope for all small-medium businesses with integration issues!

It can often feel somewhat frustrating for IT teams in small-medium sized businesses - dealing with an increasing number of systems and applications just like their large business counterparts, yet lacking the resources in terms of time and money to integrate them properly. This can leave small-medium businesses in a lurch. In order to compete in this modern market, one needs to be agile and connected. Integrations and automations are part of the toolbox for this, yet seem out of reach.

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