Automatic data exchange between applications

Automate and transform your business with Harmonizer. Synchronise your data between applications with a craftsmanship level of quality and without the typical associated high cost or lengthy implementation processes.

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An application for everything

Nowadays, organisations easily use over 20 cloud based applications to work quickly and efficiently. These applications are commonly used to support key business processes (e.g. sales, marketing, HR, etc.), and for internal and external communications. At the enterprise level, organisations deploy hundreds of applications that vary (in implementation and usage) from one organisation to another. Whereas one organisation may love working with Dropbox, Hubspot or Jira, another may prefer to use Microsoft 365, Zoho or Slack. However, no matter how well these various applications perform, they often don’t share data (“integrate’) well with other applications “out of the box”. As a result, the need for reliable and worry-free integrations between key applications is growing.


On face value, an integration between two applications is simple. Information is read from application A, so as to display it in application B. In practice, this is more complicated. The burgeoning number of applications available has been a complicating factor in setting up simple, standard integrations to share data between them. If you need the various applications in your organisations to communicate, craftsmanship is often needed to make these integrations work. In many cases, preparing data to integrate smoothly into other applications, such as data cleansing, filtering, aggregation and transformation, isn’t something that comes with the applications you purchase. Harmonizer was created specifically for this purpose.

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Allow your applications to communicate

Harmonizer holds the technological solution to each data synchronisation issue. Common use cases are synchronising personally identifiable information between HR applications to make sure employees have acces to the right tools, or enriching data in CRM applications to enable sales professionals to have the information they need about prospects and clients.

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Data control mastered

Harmonizer’s modular architecture uses smart connectors. These enable the collection of data from all sorts of applications and permit the secure transformation of data in any way desired before it is ingested into the next application.

Harmonizer is a 'Manage Service' offering

Contrary to many other integration tools available, Harmonizer is offered as a cloud-based managed service (Software as a Service). For a monthly subscription fee we help you integrate your organisation’s applications, without having to worry about integration maintenance and with high quality support when needed.

Automate your business with Harmonizer

Exchanging information between applications is easier than ever with Harmonizer - the cloud-based managed service that integrates complex applications and allows those applications to communicate. Curious as to how Harmonizer can boost your business?

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