Synchronise your applications for a monthly subscription fee

For a monthly fixed fee, Harmonizer offers a worry free managed service to integrate cloud applications, including maintenance, monitoring and support. No more loss of time, sleepless nights or stress over malfunctioning integrations!

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Harmonizer integrations are offered as a managed service for a monthly subscription fee. Upon subscription, you will have access to the following services: 

  1. Set-up and full maintenance of integrations subscribed to. 
  2. Integrations can be secured within your own dedicated Harmonizer private cloud if required. 
  3. Monthly software updates including new functionality and improvements to existing functionality. 
  4. Active and continuous monitoring of all integrations regarding application functionality and data integrity. 
  5. Support via telephone and e-mail. 

Flexible monthly subscription 

Your monthly subscription fee is determined by the number of integrations requested, data volume required to pass through the integration at any one point in time and the complexity of the integration specifications. We will provide you with a quote before you have to commit to the monthly fee, and we only start charging after we demonstrate the integration works successfully in a proof of concept. 


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