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All of your applications in harmony

The use of IT applications within an organisation is like finger prints: no one uses exactly the same combinations of computer programs or apps. On an individual basis applications do what you want them to, but problems arrise once you need them to work together. Harmonizer solves such integration problems with ease. For a predictable monthly fee, your applications are connected, while we take care of the implementation and maintance of the integration.

Connectors in the cloud

Harmonizer uses so-called 'connectors' that can be used to communicate with almost every system. Utilising our modular approach, Harmonizer is capable of filtering and transforming the information tailored to your needs and deliver the data to it's destination.

More about how this works

Managed service

Harmonizer is not another tool you need to master, it's a service. We take care of everything for you, including implementation, maintance, 24/7 monitoring and support whenever you need it.

Endless possibilities

What Harmonizer can offer goes beyond simply synchronizing data between A and B. Our modular approach enables us to tailor the process to your business needs and involve information from any system.

No surprises

As we use a standardized platform for implementing and managing your intergrations, we can provide you with a tailor made solution against a low and predictable monthly fee.

What is Harmonizer?

Harmonizer provides your employees, suppliers, customers and other third parties with the right information in the right place. This is achieved without complicated implementations or the need to invest into custom software development. Harmonizer can help, whether you need a simple exchange of data between two applications or a complicated process with multiple steps of business logic. Repetitive tasks that are now performed manually, like transfering documents, copying over personal information or enriching databases with external content, can be fully automated using Harmonizer.

They already chose for Harmonizer

Rene Jansen

"By partnering up with Harmonizer, we are able to offer any integration our customers ask for. This way, our social intranet platform is integrated even better with the organisation of our customers, leading to the best user experience."

Chris Sprangers
Director Customer Experience
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

"Using Harmonizer, we are exchaning all of our sales and marketing documentation in real-time with our alliance partner Delta Airlines. Harmonizer is a proven, flexible and cost efficient a way of streamlining the collaboration with our alliance partners."

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Harmonizer already integrates with these systems

Harmonizer supports a diversity of popular ERP-, HR- payroll-, documentmanagement-, intranet- and CRM-systems, such as:

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Salesforce Sales Cloud

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Amazon CloudWatch

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Attendee interactive evolution

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What can Harmonizer offer you?

Integrate applications without the need for high investments and complicated implementations. Harmonizer connects with all of you applications and lets them communicated. Curious how you can automate you organisation?

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